Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dec 27*Styx & Stones w/Conrad V. Lets Rock N' Roll!!!

Its time to let the little rock n roll critters out and have them get their Ya-Ya's out.....

Kate Nash "I like to Play"// Styx "Too much time on my Hands"// Supertramp "Your Bloody Well Right"//

The "Lets put you in an Institution Set":} Amy Winehouse "You Know I'm no Good"//Chrissy Hines & T/Pretenders"Talk of the Town"//Elvis Costello "I dont want to go to Chelsea"//Warren Zevon"Send Lawyers, Guns & Money"//Amy Winehouse "Rehab"///

British Rock n Blues} Led Zep II "Lemon Song"(squeeze me baby til the juice runs down my leg) //THE KINKS "On a Summer Afternoon"//Mongo Gerry "In the Summertime"//Eddie Grant "Electric Avenue"///

Get yer ya-ya's out... Rolling Stones "Tumblin Dice" Eaglecrest report...//

I love you ... I think... "Love Stinks" J.Giles Band//Ike & Tina Turner "I know you don't love me NoMo"//Blood Sweat & Tears " I can't Quit Her"///

Steely Dan "Bodhisattva"//David Schnaufler (Dulcimer Sessions with Alvin Lee & Mark Knoppfler) Spaced out & Blue"//Donald Fagan "New Frontier"

That was a messed up track on the vynal record of Chicago's Question cut, so I segued out into Allman Bros. "Statesboro Blues"//Robyn Trower (Bridge of Sighs) "A Little Bit of Sympathy"// Rolling Stones "Sympathy for the Devil"///

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