Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jazz Tonight , Ho Ho ho

Tonight I'm featuring a series by world Class Jazz Master Bassist RAY BROWN... Earning his bones in the 50's & 60's by anchoring and cementing many of the jazz monsters with his melding bass runs and consistent tempo for artists like Dizzy Gillespe, Oscar Peterson and The Modern Jazz Quartet. He conceived the idea to record sessions with a culimnation of many of the greats he's played with and some he had wanted to play with. He named the series: "SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS ARE (SOMBFA).....(Piano Players), (Sax Players), [Guitar Players], [Singers], [Trumpet Players] ...Hope you like the selections.... Here we go!

Set 1] Oscar Peterson "Open Spaces" (aka St Tropez)//Joe Williams (A Nite @ Count Basies)"Canadian Sunset"///

Set 2] Wycliff Gordon "It's Time"//Ray Brown (RB)& Ahmad Jamal(SOMBFA PianoPlayers) "Love walked in"//RB & DeeDee Bridgewater (SOMBFA Singers) More than you know"///

Set3] xmas...Lisa Hilton "My Favorite things"//Tuck Andres "Winter Wonderland"//George Winston "Snowman's music box dance"//Gillian Harwin (Whiskey Sandwich) "In my Life"///

Set 4] Chiele Minucci "Sweet on You"//Earl Klugh "Back in Central Park"//RB & Bruce Forman (SOMBFA Guitarists) "Blues for Wes"//RB & Stanley Turrentine(SOMBFA sax) "Port of Rico"//

Set 5] RB & Etta James "Poor Butterfly"//Diana Krall "Peel me a grape"//Curtis Stigers (Playboy jazz) " You are Too Beautiful"//Allison Eastwood "Come Rain or Shine"///

Set 6] G'nite...RB & James Morrison (Trumpet) "I thought about you"//RB & Oscar Peterson (Piano Players) "How Come you do Me"//Dave Brubeck QTT (Time Out) "Take 5"

Thanks for listening and your calls are always welcomed. 586-1212.

Merry Christmas!

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