Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Crosscurrents 12//29/2008

1.the helio sequence - keep your eyes ahead

2.fleet foxes-fleet foxes

3.frightened rabbit-midnight organ fight

4.vampire weekend-vampire weekend

5.kathleen edwards-kathleen edwards


7.the hold steady-stay positive

8.laura marling-alas i cannot swim

9.the mountaingoats-heretic pride

10.blitzen trapper-furr

11.the kills-midnight boom

12.mgmt-oracular spectacular


14.sigur ros-med sud ieyrum vid spilum endalanst

15.headlights-some racing some stopping

16.chad vangaalen-soft airplane

17.elbow-the seldom seen kid

18.jim noir-jim noir

19.lykke li-youth novels

20.bon iver-for emma, forever ago

Albums of 2008

Starting off the show with

lutefisk lament-boone and erickson scandinavian

now on to some cuts from the albums of 2008

bon iver-for emma

lykke li-little bit

jim noir-all right

elbow-an audience with the pope

chad vangaalen-willow tree

headlights-catch them all

sigur ros-gobbledigook


mgmt-electric feel

the kills-black balloon

blitzen trapper-furr

the mountain goats-heretic pride

the mountain goats-autoclave

laura marling-my manic and i

laura marling-night terror

the hold steady-lord, i'm discouraged

santogold-les artistes

kathleen edwards-run

vampire weekend-cape cod

vampire weekend-m79

frightened rabbit-old fashioned

frightened rabbit-the twist

fleet foxes-blueridge mountains

the helio sequence-shed your love

the helio sequence-keep your eyes ahead

the helio sequence-back to this

the helio sequence-hallelujah

the helio sequence-broken afternoon

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