Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ambient Groove - January 17, 2009

Playlist for January 17, 2009

Set 1:

Star Dreams, Michael Stearns
Tentative, Jane Overgard
High Joy, Dean Evenson and Soundings
Clear Night in Winter, Naoyuki Onda

Set 2:

Awake to U, Russel Walder
East of the Full Moon, Deuter
Pathway, Paul Sills
A Small Adventure, Amethystium

Set 3:

Stillness & Return, Jim Goodin
What's Not to Love, Graham Ord and Andrew Smith

Set 4:

Patentia, Lesiem
Peace into Our Hands, Zephyr
Crossroads, Frank Smith
Pictures, Will Ackerman

Set 5:

Om Purnam, Rasa
Moondrops, Shastro
Falling in Silver, Sparrow Orange

Set 6:

Sleepless, Marconi Union
What Your Soul Sings, Massive Attack
Sky Chill, Mysteria
Shine, Ulrich Schnauss
For Your Love, Christophe Goze

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