Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ambient Groove - January 24, 2009

Playlist for January 24, 2009

Set 1:

Athena, George Skaroulis
Innocence, Kenny Kleinpeter
Remembrance, Michael Hanna
Simply Satie, Michael Dulin
Paint the Forest Winter, Zola Van

Set 2:

Nocturne, Chad Twedt
Red Sky at Night, Michael Jensen
Floyd, Andy Monroe
The Reluctant Ballerina, Greg Maroney

Set 3:

Window #6, Steve Nieve
Veil of Rain, Kathy Haggerty
The Wishing Well, Z-Works
Nexus Six, Modulex Cue
There's No Place Like Ohm, Analemma

Set 4:

Soliloquy, Edward Esparza Project
MorningSong, Roy Lobb
A Familiar Song, Eric & Judd
Venable, Bryce Layman

Set 5:

Music from Steven Grahn

The Sands of Time
The Closer We Get
So Far, You're So Far Away

Set 6:

Faith and Endurance, Patrick O'Hearn
Desire, Patrick O'Hearn
Santa Lucia, Eric Tingstad
Moonlight, Ottmar Liebert
Tenderness, Medwyn Goodall and Terry Oldfield

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Winfred0000 said...

Hi! Whomever played my "Red Sky At Night" I just happened to find this while surfing the net, now in 2013!! Thank you, years later, so much for putting my music forward!! So very nice of you. I never toured but sold over 3,750 CD's of my "Red Sky At Night" album, and my second solo piano CD "Over The Rainbow". Would you please play more of me? I'd send a copy of "Over The Rainbow" to you! I sold out and couldn't afford to have more manufactured so far but hope to. "Radio Active Jim" at WTIP 90.7 FM in Grand Marais, MN liked and played from my "Red Sky At Night" too, and Kelly Sapargia's "Northern Lights" radio show at "The Global Voice Internet Radio" also broadcast through WQNA 88.3 FM in Springfield IL, also KTAO 101.9 Solar Radio in Taos, NM. You can can hear clips from it to at my michael jensen piano website a fan of my music built for me as a gift!