Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cafe' Au Lait, Ole'! for Wednesday 1/21/09

Welcome to our LEGISLATORS!!! Welcome to Juneau, Your Capital Every Day! Cafe Au Lait, Ole laying out the musical greetings to get you started on your work day or play day or just hanging out day....

Openers -=NPR News.....Phil Museick "The Nest"
John Mayer "Why Georgis" (Room for Squares )
Boz Scaggs " Lowdown " ( Silk Degrees )

Eric Gale " Red Ground " (Ginsing Woman )
Dan Mac QTT w/Katie Strock "Don't Know Why " ( Danka )

Laurindo Almeda & Charlie Byrd "Stone Flower" : Jobims tune ( Brazilian Soul )
Fat Burger "In Your Eyes" (Smooth Jazz)
Dee Shire " Farewell My Lovely" (Jazz at the Movies)

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