Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jazzy Soundings for Friday 1\9-09

Sitting in for RickyD today...

Set 1: Gordon Wycliffe "Touch it Lightly" // Dan Mac QTT (w/vocalist Katie Strock from Anchorage) "Dont Know Why" // /

Set 2: Donald Fagan (Kamakiriad) "Trans Island Skyway" // Jay D"Amico Jazz Ensemble (Ponte Novello) "Alfreda" // Chet Baker (Live at The Lighthouse-1953) "Winter Wonderland" ///

Set 3: Hiroshima (Black and White) "Sup'Poze" // SEAL "Loves Devine" // Chuck Loeb "Blue Kiss" // Chuck Mangione "Bellavia"///

Set 4: Lee Ritenouer (1st Course) "Fatback" // Dee Daniels "Inchworm" // Earl Klugh "Low Ride" ///

Set 5: Diana Krall "Peel Me A Grape" // Max Roach & Dizzy Gillespie (Paris 1989) "Round Midnite & Messin 'Round" // Wynton Marsalis (Joe Cool's Blues) ""Linus & Lucy" //

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Man Friday said...

Found you through my Google Alerts... Thanks for the airplay! But "Inchworm"? Lordy! Dee Daniels has four more recent CD projects that I'd be happy to send you if you don't have them and would consider more of Dee for your program. Just let me know.

Nevertheless, thank you for keeping the "Inchworm" and Dee's music alive. :)

Best regards,
Doug Fleming, Assistant to Ms. Daniels