Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Sunrise - Conrad Villegas 1/10/09

Sitting in for John Gaguine, DE Conrad.....Lets get up and shovel some snow...or watch someone else do it.

Set 1: Stevie Wonder (Songs in the Key of Life) "Ordinary Pain" // Matchbox 20 "Push" // Maroon 5 "This Love" // Earth Wind & Fire "September" // Seal "Loves Devine" ///

Set 2: Phoebe Snow "Poetry Man" // Steely Dan (Aja) "Peg" // Supertramp "It's Raining Again" // Beatles (White Album) "Long, Long, Long" ///

Set 3: Chicago (CTA) "Beginnings" // Garrison Keelor "The Writers Almanac"// Bruce Hornsby "That's Just The Way It Is" // Diana Krall "Popsicle Toes" // Michael McDonald (Soul Speak) "Hallelujah" ///

Set 4: Moody Blues "Go Now" // Bruce Springsteen "Brilliant Disguise" // Mark Almond "I Don't Want To Go Back To The City" // Lee Ritenour (First Course) "Ohla Maria" // Sergio Mendez (Brazil 66) "Like a Lover"///

Set 5: Donald Fagan (Kamakirind) "Countermoon" // Stevie Wonder "Isnt She Lovely" // Canonball Aderly "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy"/////

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