Saturday, January 10, 2009

Styx & Stones - With Conrad 1/10/09

As the snow continued to dump on us, piling up the particulates ever so higher, it made it difficult for our regular host to come in today... Since I am just finishing the Sat Sunrise show , I will hold the seat warm and the mic open until relief comes or Tom comes for Meadowlark Sampler.... So lets rock n roll old ways. Conrad Villegas:

Set 1: Allman Bros. (Live At The Fillmore) "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" // The Who (Who's Next) "My Wife" // Bob Marley & the Wailers "One Love/People Get Ready" // Bob Dylan (Blood on the Tracks) "Tangled Up in Blue" // Bruce Springsteen "Rosalita"///

Set 2: Jimi Hendrix "Castles Made of Sand" // Maroon 5 "Harder to Breathe" // Joe Walsh " Life's Been Good To Me So Far" // Eric Corne (Kid Dynamite & the Common Man" "Common Man" *this is a new release and he sounds like Niel Young, Costello, and Waitts...nice job///

Set 3: John Maher "Daughters" // John Prine "Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore" // BEATLES SET: (White Album) I'm So Tired; Blackbird; Dear Prudence ///

Set 4: Led Zepelin "Kashmir" // Matchbox 20 "3 AM" // John Stewart "Gold"// Queen (Day at the Races) "You & I' // The Kinks "Dedicated Follower of Fasion" // Amy Winehouse "You Know I'm No good" // Bob Pyle "When J.Edgar Hoover Wore A Dress"///

Th- th- th- th-that's All Folks!

Thanks for listening
Conrad Villegas

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