Thursday, January 8, 2009

thursday 1/8 crosscurrents

1. belalim - sezen aksu
2. beauty beats - beats antique
3. aankhon mein teri - om shanti om soundtrack

it was snowing in the vallley when i left. no i'm not doing caps. get over it.

4. derviche - morrocan spirit
5. bahebbak - cheb jilani
6. the fastest plane on earth - boris grebenshikov
7. chiftitelli - masters of turkish music
8. amel - the art of bellydance
9. yailil-belle futile - jerome lammaset with fadoua
10. kargyraa rap - ondar
enough to make you run over to tuva. I bet its warmer there.
11. chaiyya chaiyya - soundtrack
check out the video on youtube. everyone is dancing and singing on top of a moving train. just like in real life. admit it, you did it on the white pass train last summer when you took your friend to skagway. not sure if you could pull this off on amtrak
12. dard-e-disco - om shanti om soundtrack
I am crazy with your love
13. (by request) big river - ondar
14. ikalane walegh - toumast
15. jeweleh lal - shabaz
16. talwar re - chodon naa yaar
17. kodo - yoshida brothers

watching it slowly get brighter out. we are so lucky we get to live here. Its snowing a bit...sorry, I'm not sick of it yet.

18. yama aloo - nawahl el zoghbi
19. dibi dibi rek - ishmael lo
20. yalla ya chabab - andy/ragheb alama
21. roustabout - beats antique
22. sana wara sana - nancy ajram
23. dewangi dewangi - om shanti om soundtrack
24. dual - yoshida brothers

get your butt out to play in the snow! before it goes up to 40 next week!

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