Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday crosscurrents spoonfed to you

Today I am using the K3 ouija board to select my music (its in the library behind the cd player if you wish to use it - only works for music though)

1.fager som en ros (fair as a rose) - Ranarim (the Swedes can rock)
2. Andeel - Natacha Atlas : who is cooler than you or i will ever be. Sorry, we don't get to dispute this.

3. I'll melt with you - Novelle Vague Some covers are so wrong they're right.

4. Jah Love Dem - Dub Skin
5. the other end of the telescope - til tuesday
6. yay - nancy ajram
7. Ha Mulheres (there are women) - Rita Ribeiero
8. Sikidim - Tarkan

9. Sviraj Ciganine (play, gypsy) - Sviraj
Accompanied by a soulful gypsy violin and a glass of wine (it was probably a big glass or even a carraffe you know how these things go...) , a young man mourns a broken love affair.

10. Sacred Cow - Crowded House
11. VargTimmen (hour of the wolf)- Hedningarna
12. Tell these hands - Sara Storer
13. Naw Alashwak - Haifa Wahbi
14. Tariki (on my way) - Zafa

15. Dus Bahane - Dus Soundtrack This movie is like...waaaay cooler than most of us. You gotta love the way they just cooly saunter away from the explosion (that they are responsible for, of course) behind them. Abhishek Bachnchan is the dude. It involves a terrorist attack in ...Calgary! I know it somehow doesn't quite make sense.

16. birch pari hai - Kismat soundtrack
17. Kif Bdawek - Najwa Karam
18. The last Sasketchewan Pirate - Captain Tractor How can you resist a band that covers the Arrogant Worms?

19. Way back down - Finn Brothers

20. Den Fortrollade barnafoderskan (the bewitched mother to be) - Ranarim
this song was written down around 1600 which means its older. Its about a young bride whose evil mother in law curses her so her pregnancy lasts 7 years and 40 weeks and her sister in law rescues this poor woman from the eternal pregnancy and find the one place where the spell doesn't work and the m-i-l drops dead of anger. Evidently someone did not tell her about the 3fold law.
21. Last to know - Neil Finn
"magnets and words, up on the fridge, speak to the poet in all of us"

22. Die Laughing - Nik Kershaw
"He don't like sunshine, and he don't like ice cream" What's with people?

23. So nice - Bebel Giberto A summer samba for bring the sun in your heart to the surface.

24. Emily has compassion fatigue - Esther Golton
25. Drama Queen - Sahar

Did the weather sound strange? Bill Thompson requested a better weather report so you got the weather report for Kona. You already know what its doing out. You don't need me to tell you, so why not have fun with the weather?

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