Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cafe Ole' for Thursday 2/26/09

The coffee is getting tougher to chew around here.... I need to get a new set of chompers from my carpenter. . . Cockle-doodle-DEW

NPR NEWS - Local Headlines & Weather - PSA

Larry Carlton "Nitecrawler"
Earl Klugh "Kissing on the Beach"

An international set of multi-linguistic joy. . .
Aviline Ava "La Peur" (*The Fear* - French from MD)
Tania Libertad "Anda Mariado" (Walking Unsteadily - Peru)
Quintango "Balada para un Loco" (Balad to a Crazy - Argentina)
Sade "Smooth Operator" (English - Trinadad)

Chuck Mangione "Main Squeeze"

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