Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Mudlark Sampler 2.7.09

Love among these midwinter days.

This week on  A Mudlark Sampler we observed Cross-Quarter Day - the midpoint between the solstice and Equinox. In days of old when knights were bold and pagans ruled the west...this time of year was known as Imbolc and is known as St. Brigid's Day among the Irish. Next, Candlemas marched in with the Holy Roman Empire. Groundhog Day, Lincoln's 200th, and then there's love. Happy Valentine all. Winter is over the hump regardless of the feet and feet of snow hereabouts.

A Mudlark Sampler is folk music for ears wide open on Saturdays from noon-2.

Over and Out.

Cut / Artist / Album

Snowbird / Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem / Cocktail Swing
Winter's Come & Gone / Herdman, Hills, Mangsen / At the Turning of the Year
Pitkin County Turnaround / Steve Martin / The Crow
Horizontal Hold / Peter Ostroushko / Blue Mesa
Unspoken Words / Steve Martin / The Crow
Pretty Flowers / Martin w/ Vince Gill &  Dolly Parton / The Crow

Groundhog / The Doc Watson Family / The Doc Watson Family
Shut de Door / Tim & Molli O'Brien / Remember Me
Where is the Light / Peter Mayer / Midwinter
Cocktail Swing / Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem / Cocktail Swing
Joy Comes Back / Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem / Big Old Life
Snowy Road / Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum / Winter's Grace

My Window Faces the South / Hot Club of Cowtown / Continental Stomp
I Can't Give You Anything but Love / Hot Club of Cowtown /  Continental Stomp
Sugar for Sugar / Robin & Linda Williams / Sugar for Sugar
Bob's Breakdown / Asleep at the Wheel / Ride with Bob
Swing Twain / Ranch Romance / Flip City
Western Dream / Ranch Romance / Western Dream
One Step McGee / Red Stick Ramblers / Red Stick Ramblers
Red Bird / Red Bird / Red Bird

Old Plank Road / Robin & Linda Williams / Deeper Waters
Little Jack Frost / Kate Rusby / The Girl Who Couldn't Fly
Down by the Sally Garden / Red Bird / Red Bird
Wintergrace / Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum / Winter's Grace
Green / Peter Mayer / Midwinter
Candlemas Eve / Hardman, Hills, Mangsen / At the Turning of the Year

Old Sister Phoebe / Songs in the Life of Abraham Lincoln v.3 / Matthew Sabatella & the Rambling String Band
Angel Band / Civil War Soundtrack
Tin Rook /Steve Martin / The Crow

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Anonymous said...

To the Mudlark,

So happy you haven't forgotten us!!
We can't wait to get back up to Alaska....hopefully sooner rather than later, after the mud season, of course.....

Elana, Whit and Jake
The Hot Club of Cowtown