Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday 5 February crosscurrents

1. Another Star - Stevie Wonder
Conrad graciously put it on for me as I was stopped in Juneau traffic. Sheesh it was more like Seattle this morning. Well, all those folks who wish we were more like the lower 48 got their wish this morning HA! Conrad is awesome, BTW.

2. Ya Ati - Gangster soundtrack Back to Bollywood, although I do love the old Stevie Wonder stuff. Does anyone else find themselves dated when the "old" Stevie Wonder stuff that is pre- 80's fluff is over 30 years old? Yeah. no kidding.
Ah well, we might get older but we can be immature forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Chale Chalo - Lagaan soundtrack

4. Wahrane Wahrane - Khaled

5. Dilbara - Dhoom soundtrack. I love this movie. All these guys show up in brightly colored mesh shirts and act tough. Because all gangs wear mesh shirts in a rainbow of colors right? Its about jewel theives with singing and dancing. The theives dance too.

6. Jaandi Jaandi - Preet Brar

7. Harvest Moon - Solace

8. Azeem-o-Shaan Shashenshah - Jodhaa Akbar soundtrack. This is a most beautiful video from a beautiful movie. you should check it out. Mesmerising. I bought the soundtrack and its so beautifully done. Don't even get it on itunes. Just get the cd. Its a work of art. The movie is about this Mughal Emporer from the 16th century and the woman he married for political reasons and of course they fall in love after all becaue everyone knows that is how its supposed to work out. The $%^&! with historical accuracy! Let's just make it pretty. but hey, I'm sold.

9. Ghanan Ghanan - Lagaan Soundtrack (the 4 hour movie about cricket but they dance and sing too)
check out the video here:

I love youtube! you probably didn't guess that though.

10. Barso Re - Guru soundtrack

11. Main Hoon Don - Don soundtrack. The 2006 version. The most hysterical video. Shahrukh Khan is just soooo the dude. No one can burst through a curtain like this guy. http://ttp://

just for giggles, here's the 1978 original with Amitabh Bachchan. Talk about the dude. The tiger mask is priceless.

12. Deedar De - Dus Soundtrack You ever notice that techno is more interesting if its not in English?

13. Dhoom Machale - Dhoom Soundtrack
this song is designed to get you out of bed. the lyrics are completely stupid but its so funny.

14. Zay El Hawa - Said Mrad
Egyptian disco. yeah baby!

So, what's the deal with people not recycling? Have you DRIVEN past Lemon Creek lately? That smell could gag a maggot! Its getting worse!

15. Dilbar,dilbar - Sirf tum soundtrack. Sung by Sushmita Sen, a former Miss Universe. She's a really good actress so she probably did deserve that title.

16. La Reina Isabel - Rubalcaba. I figure a side trip to Cuba now and then is a good idea.

17. Burning Sky - Native Funk

18. Shams - Shujaat Husain Khan, Katayoun Goudarzi, Imamyar Hasanov, Abhiman Kaushal

19. Diri diri, so kerdjan? - Romanyi Rota diri, diri, How can it be? A song about jealousy gone wild. oh dear.

20. Movi Shej, Sabina - Kalyi Jag

Thank you for listening, Next week Jonas will be back and he will be fab!

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