Thursday, March 12, 2009

this snowy thursday on crosscurrents 3/12/09

1. desert journey - solace
2. piano episode - yesanjok
3. ya tayeba yamma - the prince of sha'abi
4. dabri - cheikha rimitti
song about how are you going to live with love of yours: have your fun, pay your bills, live, etc.... go be with him, but plan your life too.

5. Ammora - mohamed ali
6. lawn ouyounak- nancy ajram
the line between middle eastern music and country music is a fine one. this song walks that line "oh baby without you I am nothing. your eyes drive me so wild" and if you play it backwards, you get to marry whoever you want, and you won't get cheated on. just like a lot of country songs. funny how some themes ride around the world.

7. longa farahfaza- turbo tabla/karim nagi
8. song by yesanjok. sorry, I can't read korean so I have no clue what it says.
9. mothra's song - godzilla vs. mothra soundtrack
10. the lantern - beats antique
11. salina salina sinsice - tarkan
12. pimp my karsilama - gypsy caravan
13. tamacun - rodrigo y gabriela
14. diablo rojo - rodrigo y gabriela
15. enchanted garden - mosavo
16. inn lamhon ke daaman mein - jodhaa akbar soundtrack
17. kabhi kabhi aditi - jaane to ya jaane na
18. ghaltan (blameworthy)- saber el robae
this song is about my love, I have hurt you could you ever forgive me, I am so wrong. i suck. i promise i will make you forget the past and heal all your wounds. forgive me and i will make it up to you.

19. habibi dah - hisham abbas
20. feino - hisham abbas
the 2 best music videos ever are the 2 songs mentioned above.
21. maddah el kamar - said mrad

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