Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Women's Prerrogative 3_5_09

Artist Song Album

1 Meaghan Smith I Know The Cricket’s Quartet

2 Meaghan Smith Drifted Apart The Cricket’s Quartet

3 Lenka The Show

4 Lenka Bring Me Down

5 Lenka Don’t Let Me Fall

6 Jenny Owen Youngs p.s. Batten the Hatches

7 Susan Tedeschi 700 Hours Back to the River

8 Susan Tedeschi People Back to the River

9 Beth Rowley Sweet Hours Little Dreamer

10 Beth Rowley So Sublime Little Dreamer

11 Catherine Maclellan Dreams Dissolve Church Bell Blues

12 Catherine Maclellan Church Bell Blues Church Bell Blues

13 Lila Nelson Rattle My Attic Letter Home

14 Lila Nelson I Was Young When I Left Home Letter Home

15 Lila Nelson Through the Window Letter Home

16 Juana Molina Un Dia Un Dia

17 Amie Penwell Show Me to the River OASIS VOL IX

18 Cara Baker Rosie OASIS VOL VIII

19 Jennifer Taylor To See You Again OASIS VOL VIII

20 Esther Golton Louise Unfinished Houses

21 Annalisa Woodie Waiting for the Tide Annalisa

22 Erin McCarley Gotta Figure This Out Love, Save the Empty

23 Holly Conlan OK Bird-EP

24 Leslie Mendelson Hit the Spot

25 M.I.A. Paper Planes Kala

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