Sunday, April 19, 2009

We Like Kids 4-19-09

Good morning all you wonderful people. Spring is here and it is time to get moving so here is some music to move with:

Dan Crow--Walk Outside
Papillon--Let's Go
Sweet Honey in the Rock--Down the Road I be Going
Buck Howdy--Skidaddle
Joanie Bartles--Happy Feet
Greg & Steve--The Boogie Walk
A.J. Phoenix & OBD--Loop De Loop
Jessica Harper--Hip to Hop
The Doo Dads--Hop to the Rock
Parachute Express--As Long as We Go Side By Side
Dan Zanes--Skip to My Lou
Leslie Zak--Dance Me a Jig
Jump For Joy Music (Wiley & Debbie Rankin)--Jump for Joy
Beth Andrien--Jumprope Jive
Miss Sherri--We Are Spinning
Music for Little People (W/Conesha Monet lead vocals)--High Hopes

Yeah for going! :) Time for me to go, thanks for listening. Love Ya, Mie.

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