Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ambient Groove -- May 23, 2009

Playlist for May 23, 2009

Set 1:

Masterpiece, Joseph Akins
Sunlight Through Trees, Ken Elkinson
Teardrop, Massive Attack
Hide and Seek, Imogen Heap
Until the Morning, Thievery Corporation

Set 2:

Italian Cafe, Ruben Garcia
The Butterfly, Aesh
Devotion No. 1, Loop Guru
Body & Soul, Shahin & Sepehr
Light, Talvin Singh
Overcome, Tricky

Set 3:

Only You, Portishead
Gravity of Love, Enigma
Faith in Me, Pole Folder
All I Need, Air

Set 4:

Sleepsong, Secret Garden
Melody of Life, Lynn Hilary
Walking in the Air, Chloe Agnew
Come My Sweet, Mediaeval Babes

Set: 5

Down in the Rainbow Road, Space Gang & Carla Friedmann
The Eternal Cycle, The Green Fields
The Cross, Hypnomusic
Green Fields, Polly Thompson

Set 6:

Prelude for Time Feelers, Eluvium

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