Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ambient Groove -- May 30, 2009

Playlist for May 30, 2009

Set 1:

Crossroads, Frank Smith
Air on G String, Andrei Krylov
Nocturne in E Major
Gnossiennes: No. 2, Anders Miolin
Fur Elise, Mark Bodino
The Spring Release 10,000 Butterflies, Ottmar Liebert
Pictures, Will Ackerman

Set 2:

The Road of Passage, Anuna
Agnus Dei, Paul Schwartz
Lament, Libera
Seuls, The Chorus (soundtrack)

Set 3:

Silver Ship, Suzanne Ciani
Allegreattango, Adiemus

Set 4:

Stardust, 2002
Salve Regina, Paul Schwartz
Ave Maria Op. 67, No. 2, King's College Choir

Set 5:

Satin Skies, Mars Lasar
Sacred Moment, Jana Dugal & Mike Rowland
1st Chakra Keynote, Steven Halpern
Star Dreams, Michael Stearns
Essence of Time, Mike Rowland

Set 6:

Awaken the Dawn, Stanton Lanier
Paris, Gary Rottger
Oasis, Paul Sauvanet
Drops of Starlight, David Arkenstone

Set 7:

Water Stones, Max Zaffiro
Mad About You, Hooverphonic

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