Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ambient Groove -- May 9, 2009

Playlist for May 9, 2009

Set 1:
Morning's Promise, David Sun
Beloved, Ann Licater
Deep Blu, House of Light
Promenade, John Serrie
Everything is Two, Robert Bonfiglio

Set 2:
Desert Sky, Sunyata
Mary's Song, Tony Sandate
I Dream of Her, Andrew White
Princess Bride (theme), Alex de Grassi

Set 3:
You're Not Alone, Brian Culbertson
To Love Again, Alan Pasqua
The Beauty of Her Soul, Zade

Set 4:
It Ain't Necessarily So, George Winston
The Sounding Joy, Liz Story

Set 5:
Inner Thoughts, Rodrigo Rodriquez
Enchanted, Mars Lasar
Eastern Sunrise, Medwyn Goodall & Terry Oldfield
Deep Still Blue, 2002

Set 6:
Love is Here, Tim Wheater
In Search of Angels, Tim Story
Reflection, Oystein Sevag

Set 7:
Awakenings, Paul Lawler & Mark Holland
Morning Song, Tim White & Jack Gates
Moment of Quiet, Paul Adams
Over Easy, Ray Lynch
Set 8:
State of Grace, Gavyn Wright & Paul Schwartz
Ave Maria, Libera

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