Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Little Bit of Broadway


It's Broadway's night to shine, with the 63rd Tony Awards. You can watch them tonight on CBS (7pm tape delay in Alaska), follow them at the Tony Awards winner site and we'll do our best, while listening to Shrek the Musical, to keep us up to date on the musical awards of the Tonys.

Musical -- Billy Elliot The Musical
Book of A Musical -- Billy Elliot The Musical
Score -- Next to Normal
Musial Revivial -- Hair
Actor in a Musical -- Billy Elliot The Musical - David Alvarez, Trent Kowalik, and Kiril Kulish (shared)
Actress in a Musical -- Next to Normal -- Alice Ripley
Featured Actor in a Musical -- Billy Elliot The Musical - Gregory Jbara
Featured Actress in a Musical -- West Side Story - Karen Olivo
Scenic Design -- Billy Elliot The Musical
Costume Design -- Shrek the Musical
Lighting Design -- Billy Elliot The Musical
Sound Design -- Billy Elliot The Musical
Direction -- Billy Elliot The Musical
Choreography -- Billy Elliot The Musical
Orchestration -- Billy Elliot The Musical AND Next to Normal

Special Theatrical Event -- Liza's at the Palace

Billy Elliot The Musical: 15 nominations, 10 awards
Next to Normal: 11 nominations, 3 awards
Shrek the Musical: 8 nominations, 1 award
West Side Story: 4 nominations, 1 award
Hair: 8 nominations, 1 award

Posted later:
Well, I finished watching the awards ceremony and have the following comments:

Neil Patrick Harris did a great job – things kept moving along, the jokes were kept to a minimum but were there and mostly understandable to those of us at home (that hasn’t always been the case). His singing goodnight was great!

After watching the scene from Next to Normal, my comments when I played the cast recording several weeks ago are definitely reinforced. This is a musical that you have to see to appreciate. I was very impressed by the scene and especially by Alice Ripley. She well deserved the Tony for best actress in a musical, if that’s the kind of work she is producing 8 times a week.

I liked the way they handled the technical awards presentation. I really do understand why they don’t do it in prime time, but the announcements for those of us at home (with the listing of who was nominated, who won and a snippet of their acceptance speech) was well done. Would that we had only heard snippets from those who got their award in prime time!

The memorial. It’s not until you put them all together do you really all the wonderful theater folks we have lost in the past year. And I really liked watching the lights dim on Broadway in remembrance.

Jerry Herman rocks!!!

What didn’t I like – most especially the “mass” acceptance. Having everyone – cast, crew, producers, etc etc etc - take the stage for the acceptance speech left me irritated. And there were too many audio technical problems during the show.

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Louise said...

I’ve seen Billy Elliot before and loved every single second of it! It's one of the best musicals shows I have ever seen!!! This weekend I’m going to see it again with my sister I just got tickets from . Can’t wait!!!