Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Little Bit of Broadway


Zorro has been fascinating readers and viewers ever since his debut in 1919 in pulp writer Johnston McCulley’s The Curse of Capistrano. People clamored for more, and they got it when, the next year, Douglas Fairbanks became the first actor to don the trademark flowing Spanish cape, flat-brimmed Andalusian-style hat, and black cowl mask. Over 40 films, 11 television shows and now two stage shows later (and that doesn’t count the comic books, serials and computer games) , Zorro has become part of the American universal myth – everyone knows the wily fox, Zorro.

Today’s musical is the 2008 West End musical based on the 2005 Chilean author Isabel Allende's prequel, the mock biography Zorro: A Novel. Filled with swashbuckling and swordfights and falling in love, it pits Don Diego against his childhood friend Ramon, who has taken over the pueblo and has become a tyrant. The music is by the Gypsy Kings and the flamenco-based score makes you want to dance! It closed last March, but we can always hope that it comes across the pond.

Act I
Flamenco Opening - gypsies
Baila Me - Diego, Inez, gypsies
Libertad - Women of the pueblo
Hope - Diego
In one Day - Luisa and the Women of the pueblo
Feeling - Luisa
Bamboleo/There's A Tale - Inez, gypsies
Act II
Entrada - gypsies
Freedom - Inez, citizens, gypsies
Bamboleo (reprise) - Inez
Serenade- instrumental (the dance between Diego and Luisa)
A love We'll Never Live - Diego and Luisa
One More Beer - Garcia, Inez, women of the pueblo
Djobi Djobi - Inez and Luisa
Hope (reprise) - Diego
Man Behind The Mask - Luisa
Fiesta - Whole cast

Music: Gipsy Kings & John Cameron
Book and Lyrics: Stephen Clark & Helen Edmundson
• Don Diego de la Vega/Zorro – Matt Rawle.
• Luisa – Emma Williams.
• Ramon – Adam Levy.
• Inez – Lesli Margherita.
• Sergeant Garcia –
• Don Alejandro de la Vega – Jonathan Newth.

With the few minutes remaining, I want to play one more Zorro piece of music. For those of us of a certain age, our very first Zorro was presented to us by Walt Disney. Guy Williams portrayed the dashing Don Diego and swung his way into many a little girl’s heart. So, to finish off the show, we’ll listen to the theme song from the Disney TV show.

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