Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mudlark Sampler 6/20/09 Host - Jack Fontanella

Turn Your Radio On, Blue Sky Boys

Glory in the Meeting House, Macrae Sisters, Old Sledge
Road to Malvern, Light and Hitch, Light and Hitch
Huldy in the Sink Hole, Lonesome Stragglers, Susquehanna Waltz
Medicine Springs, The Crooked Jades, Going to the Races
Dance All Night With a Bottle in My Hand, Chance McCoy, Debut
Cotton Eyed Joe, Wilson Douglas, Right Hand Fork of Rushes Creek
Indian Ate a Woodchuck, Chance McCoy, Debut
Diggin' Potatoes, Edden Hammons, Collection
Riley the Furniture Man, The Haints Old Time Stringband, Shout Monah

Girl from Jerico, Bliss and Jones, Title
Black Jack Grove, Big Medicine, Too Old to Be Controlled
Kitty Clyde, Blue Ridge Rounders, The Rounder Way
Get Up in the Cool, The Macrae Sisters, Old Sledge
Buckets of Blue, Polecat Creek, Ordiary Seasons

Leaning On a Wall, Dirk Powell, Hand Me Down
Give Me Back My Fifteen Cents, Binkley Brothers, Nashville Stringbands
Tupelo Blues, Hoyt Ming and His Pep Steppers, Mississippi Stringbands
John Browns, Light and Hitch, Light and Hitch
September Waltz Medley, Charlie Hunt, The Cabin Hunter's Mandolin
Sambo, The Hellbenders
Rebel Raid, Killer Grits, Midnight on the Run
Run Mountain, Clack Moutain Stringand, Sorrows End
Give My Horse Corn and Hay, Brett Ratliff, Cold Icy Mountain

Leather Breeches, Gellert and Leftwitch, A Moment in Time
Roll on Buddy, Red State Ramblers, Commonwealth
Henry Reed Medley, Hoffman and Benfrod, It's About Time

Devil's Dream/Last Chance, The Haints Old Time Stringband, Shout Monah
If You Go Away, Jones and Bliss, Girl from Jericho
Texas, The Blueridge Rounders, The Rounder Way

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