Sunday, June 14, 2009

We Like Kids 6-14-09 Miss Mie Goes Under the Sea

Ahoy kids, at the special request of my son, we are going under the sea today (well a little bit on the sea also). Here's the songs I'm playing:

Arrow--Under The Sea
Juliette McDonald--In The Sea
Dan Zanes--Deep Blue Sea
The Cat's Pajama's--Three little Fishies
John McCutcheon--Somos El Barco
Raffi--Baby Beluga
Carrie Brandon--Yellow Submarine
Harry Nilsson--Blanket for a Sail
Libby Titus & Dr. John--The Sailor and The Mermaid
The Chenille Sisters--At the Codfish Ball
Dan Zanes--The Mermaid
Banana Slug Band--Fishes
Disney's 20000 Leagues Under the Sea--Whale of a Tale
Fred Curchack--Full Fathom Five
Wipe Out

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