Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Soundings 6-10-09 Jazz & Mie

Three years ago, my marriage was destroyed because the man I loved cheated. I don't mean a slip, an out town one nighter, no, a full blown, nasty office affair. And after 8 months of drunken drama, the real hard stuff of divorce and child custody began and has continued since. And the most amazing thing now? They are pretending there was no affair. But I'm not pretending, I'm not lying and I'm not going to kow tow to their unhealthy delusions. But I do still sing the blues...

Charlie Musslewhite w/ John Lee Hooker--Cheating on Me
Big Mama Thorton--I Smell a Rat
Johnny Winter--Tell The Truth
Koko Taylor--Tired of That
Studebaker John--You Done Me Wrong
Saffire--You Can Have My Husband
Studebaker John--Tell Me Why
Koko Taylor--You Ain't Worth a Good Woman
John Hammond--Baby How Long
Etta James--A Change is Gonna Do Me Good
Marcia Ball, Tracy Nelson & Irma Thomas--Yield Not To Temptation
The Holmes Brothers-- What's So Funny 'Bout Peace Love & Understanding
Billie Holiday-- Mean to Me
Frank Sinatra w/ Kenny G--All the Way/One For My Baby
Ruth Brown--Destination Heartbreak
Duke Robillard--All Over But the Paying
John Hammond--Heartache Blues
Joanna Connor--Walking Blues
Stevie Ray Vaugn-Dirty Pool
Saffire--I'd Rather Be Alone
John Hammond--I'm Leaving You
Joanna Connor--You Don't Love Me
C. J. Chenier--Too Much Fun

So if you love someone, tell them so and yield not, unless you want to lose it, Be truthful, be grateful, be love, Mie.

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