Friday, June 5, 2009

Women's Prerogative 6_4_09

Performer Song Album

1 Koko Taylor Wang Dang Doodle The Earthshaker

2 Melody Gardot Deep within the corners of my mind My one and only thrill

3 Vienna Teng Kansas Inland Territory

4 Sweet Claudette Don’t Talk that Yak to Me That Man’s Got to Go

5 Tannis Simmon Spirit House Lucky Blue

6 Sweet Claudette Love I See in your Eyes That Man’s Got to Go

7 Rachel Garlin Bound to be Mountains Bound to be Mountains

8 Debra Cowan Wall of Stone Fond Desire Farewell

9 Martha Wainwright Comin’ Tonight I know you’re married but I’ve got feelings too

10 Ellia Bisker Lucky to be Here Sweet Soubrette

11 Bridget Cross Feathers and Wings Maybe It’s Reno

12 Rachael Yamagata Elephants Teeth sinking into heart

13 Koko Taylor Save your breath Royal Blue

14 Melody Gardot My one and only thrill My one and only thrill

15 Vienna Teng St Stephen’s Cross Inland Territory

16 Tannis Simmon What I’m going to do Lucky Blue

17 Bridget Cross Sugarloaf Mountain Maybe It’s Reno

18 Rachael Yamagata Over and over Teeth sinking into heart

19 Rachel Garlin Broke Down House Bound to be Mountains

20 Debra Cowan Ruins by the Shore Fond Desire Farewell

21 Dolly Parton Fisherman’s Song Born to the Breed

22 The Web Sisters Fortune of Soldiers Born to the Breed

23 Joan Baez Since You’ve Asked Born to the Breed

24 Chrissie Hynde My Father Born to the Breed

25 Amy Speace Born to the Breed Born to the Breed

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