Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Little Bit of Broadway

West Side Story
2009 Revival Cast

It's hard to believe it took this long for West Side Story to be sung in spanish. In the 2009 revival, Lin-Manual Miranda (last year's winner for best Tony for In the Heights) worked with Stephen Sondheim to have much of the dialogue of the Sharks - the Puerto Ricans - in spanish. It's amazing how much this "simple" change revitalizes this classic American version of Romeo and Juliet.

Act I
Prologue The Sharks and the Jets
Jet Song Cody Green
Something's Coming Matt Cavenaugh
Dance At The Gym Company
Maria Matt Cavenaugh
Tonight Matt Cavenaugh;Josefina Scaglione
America Karen Olivo;Jennifer Sanchez
Cool Cody Green
One Hand, One Heart Matt Cavenaugh;Josefina Scaglione
Tonight (Quintet) Company
The Rumble Company

Act II
Me Siento Hermosa (I Feel Pretty) Josefina Scaglione;Jennifer Sanchez;Danielle Polanco;Kat Nejat
Somewhere Nicholas Barasch;Matt Cavenaugh;Josefina Scaglione
Gee, Officer Krupke Curtis Holbrook
Un Hombre Así (A Boy Like That)/I Have A Love Karen Olivo;Josefina Scaglione
Finale Company

Music Leonard Bernstein
Lyrics Stephen Sondheim
Book Arthur Laurents
Basis Romeo and Juliet
Spanish Translations Lin-Manual Miranda

Tony, The co-founder of the Jets - Matt Cavenaugh
Riff, The leader of the Jets - Cody Green
Bernardo, The leader of the Sharks - George Akram
Chino, young and shy, kills Tony - Joey Haro
Maria, Bernardo's sister, falls in love with Tony - Josefina Scaglione
Anita, Bernardo's girl - Karen Olivo

In the few minutes we have left, here's music from Sondheim's 1976 Pacific Overtures, the story of the coming of the Western World to isolationist Japan, from the Japanese point of view. My favorite number is Someone in a tree.

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