Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ambient Groove -- August 22, 2009

Playlist for Saturday, August 22nd

Set 1:

Star Dreams, Michael Stearns
Romance, Kitaro
Awaken the Dawn, Stanton Lanier
Shining, Peace Orchestra
All Is Always Now, Philip Wilkerson

Set 2:

Opening Sky, Steve Roach
Liquid Air, Robert Rich
Mandala, Marshall Styler

Set 3:

Stone Lantern, Gary Stroutsos
Twilight Garden, Cyril Morin
Shades of Amber, John Adorney
Labyrinth, Scott Huckabay
Distance, Spasenie
Heartwood, Sora

Set 4:

Hecate, Igneaous Flame
I Can See, Jazzanova
Galaxies Fade, Church of Betty

Set 5:

An Alternate Moment, Patrick O'Hearn
Never Leave the Sun, Yanni
Kill Me With Your Love, Yanni & Chloe
Melodia, Johan Johannsson
Transcendence, David Biehl
City Lights Reflection, William Orbit

Set 6:

Falling, Moya Brennan
Wild Child, Enya
Liquid Muse, Sean Harkness

Set 7:

Om Groove, Part 1, Steve Halpern
Walk With Me, Will Ackerman

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