Saturday, August 1, 2009



1. ARTIST: Jeff Tassin
SONG: Missing Persons
ALBUM: Emotional Science II/Home Bass

2. ARTIST: Jeff Tassin
SONG: The Best is Yet
ALBUM:Emotional Science II/Home Bass

3. ARTIST: Jeff Tassin
SONG:The Last Lie
ALBUM: Emotional Science II/Home Bass

4. ARTIST: Jack DeJohnette
SONG Time Warps
ALBUM: Dancing With Natural Spirits

5. ARTIST: Charles Mingus
SONG: Song With Orange
ALBUM: Mingus Ah Um

6. ARTIST: Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock, Jack DeJohnette
SONG: Summer Night
ALBUM: Tokyo '96

7. ARTIST: John Stetch
SONG:Surrey With the Fringe on Top
ALBUM: Stetching Out

8. ARTIST: Michel Petrucciani
SONG: September Second
ALBUM: Trio in Tokyo

9. ARTIST: The Vignola Collection
SONG: Funky Monkey
ALBUM: Gypsy Grass

10.ARTIST: Miles Davis
SONG: The Pan Piper
ALBUM: Sketches of Spain

11. ARTIST: Arturo Sandoval
SONG: Sexy Lady
ALBUM: Rumba Palace

12. ARTIST: Rick Margitza
SONG: Witches
ALBUM: Memento.

13. ARTIST: Joe Pass
SONG: Corcovado
ALBUM: Resonance

14. ARTIST: Ben Thomas
SONG: Dorothy's Green Slippers
ALBUM: The Mystagogue

15. ARTIST: John Stetch
SONG: Vesper
ALBUM: Carpathian Blues

16. ARTIST: Pat Metheny/Brad Mehldau
SONG: Say the Brother's Name
ALBUM: Metheny Mehldau

17. ARTIST: Al Cohn & Al Porcino
SONG: Autumn In New York
ALBUM: Al Cohn Meets Al Porcino

18. ARTIST: Harvie Swartz & Randy Klein
SONG: Dear Charles Mingus
ALBUM: Love Notes from the Bass

19. ARTIST: Gary Thomas
SONG: Lush Life
ALBUM: till we have faces


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