Saturday, August 29, 2009


1. ARTIST: Pat Metheny Group
SONG: Introduction & When We Were Free
ALBUM: Quartet, Geffen Records, 1992

2. ARTIST:Gary Burton & Friends
ALBUM: Six Pack

3. ARTIST: Scott Cossu
SONG: Sakura
ALBUM: When Spirits Fly Again.

4. ARTIST: Marty Fogel
SONG: Zavana
ALBUM: Many Bobbing Heads, at last ...

. ARTIST: The Stanley Clarke Trip
SONG: Sakura
ALBUM: Jazz in the Garden.

6. ARTIST: Choi Woo Joon
SONG: Waltzfora
ALBUM: Saza's Groove

7.ARTIST: Al Di Meola
SONG:Beijing Demons
ALBUM: Tirami Su

8. ARTIST: Kenji Omae Quartet
SONG: Here for Now
ALBUM: Here for Now.

9.ARTIST: Mart Fogel
SONG: Never Said Goodbye
ALBUM: Many Bobbing hears, at last ...

8 p.m.
10. ARTIST: Michel Petrucciani
SONG:September Second
ALBUM: Trio in Tokyo

11. ARTIST: Michel Petrucciani
SONG: Cantabile
ALBUM: Trio in Tokyo

12. ARTIST: Lin Halliday
SONG: Where or When
ALBUM: Where or When.

13. ARTIST:Lin Halliday with Ira William
SONG: Over the Rainbow
SONG: Where or When.

14. ARTIST: The Sonny Constanzo Jazz Orchestra
SONG:Autumn in New York
ALBUM: Live at Qinnipiac College.

15. ARTIST: The Bad Plus
SONG: Everybody Wants to Rule the World
ALBUM: Prog.

16.ARTIST: Larry Coryell
SONG: A Sketch of Spain.
ALBUM: Sketches of Coryell.

17.ARTIST: The Jazz Network
SONG: Someday My Prince Will Come
ALBUM: Beauty & The Beast.

18. ARTIST: Larry Coryell
SONG: Ring Around the Moon.
ALBUM: Sketches of Coryell.

19. ARTIST: Luminescent Orchestrii
SONG: Nasty Tasty
ALBUM: Neptune's Daughter.

9 p.m.

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