Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Little Bit of Broadway

9 to 5
The Musical

In the “olden” days, Hollywood turned to Broadway for inspiration. A good musical knew they could sell the show to Hollywood – Holly might “improve” the show, but the money was good. However, in the past 10-years, Broadway has turned to Hollywood. The latest entry is the Tony nominated 9 to 5. Filled with great music by Dolly Parton, the musical follows the film pretty faithfully.

Reviews were mixed, mostly feeling that the show had too many big production numbers and that Act 1 was too long. Praise has been unstinting for Dolly Parton’s score. The general consensus is that it’s a pleasant way to spend the evening. But do it soon. 9 to 5 closes September 6.

Act I
9 to 5 — Violet, Doralee, Dwayne, Judy and Ensemble
Around Here — Violet and Ensemble
Here For You — Franklin Hart, Jr.
I Just Might — Judy, Doralee, Violet
Backwoods Barbie — Doralee
The Dance of Death — Judy, Hart and Ensemble
Cowgirl’s Revenge — Doralee, Hart and Ensemble
Potion Notion — Violet, Hart and Ensemble
Joy to the Girls — Judy, Doralee, Violet, Hart, and Ensemble
Heart to Hart — Roz and Ensemble
Shine Like the Sun — Doralee, Judy, Violet

Act II
One of the Boys — Violet and Boys
5 to 9 — Roz
Always a Woman — Hart and Men's Ensemble
Change It — Doralee, Violet, Judy and Ensemble
Let Love Grow — Joe, Violet
Get Out and Stay Out — Judy
Finale: 9 to 5 — Company

Music: Dolly Parton
Lyrics: Dolly Parton
Book: Patricia Resnick (who wrote the film)
Basis: 1980 film Nine to Five

• Allison Janney as Violet Newstead
• Stephanie J. Block as Judy Bernly
• Megan Hilty as Doralee Rhodes
• Marc Kudisch as Franklin Hart, Jr.
• Andy Karl as Joe
• Kathy Fitzgerald as Roz

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Here's some songs from films that make it to Broadway:
Flashdance What a feeling -- Flashdance
film 1983, musical 2008
Stayin' Alive -- Saturday Night Fever
film 1977, musical 1998
Footloose -- Footloose
film 1984, musical 1998

There will be more musicals based on films over the next month, including Sister Act and The Toxic Avenger.

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