Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ambient Groove ~ September 26, 2009

Playlist for Saturday, September 26th

Set 1

Morning Star Meditation, Gerald Jay Markoe
Sacred Moment, Jana Dugal & Mike Rowland
Mermaid, Anna Schaed
Slow Dance, Philip Aaberg

Set 2

Irish Rain, Michele McLaughlin
The Rain Is Pouring, Alex de Grassi
Passing Time, Clannad
Rain, Armik
Endless Rain, Alex de Grassi

Set 3

Angelique, Mike Oldfield
If I Needed Someone, Michael Hedges
Interpretations, Erik Mongrain

Set 4

Say You Love Me, Too, Jack Jezro
The Water Garden, Alex de Grassi
Lightdance, David Arkenstone
Inverness, Alex de Grassi
Chill or Be Chilled, Oli Silk

Set 5

Amber Sky, Samantha James
The Oh of Pleasure, Ray Lynch
Chrysanthemums and Hummingbirds, Conni St. Pierre
Breathe, Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter
Butterfly Song, Jocelyn Pook

Set 6

Crossroads, Frank Smith
The Road of Passage, Anuna
Essence of Time, Mike Rowland
Stone Lantern, Gary Stroutsos
Galaxies Fade, Church of Betty

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