Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jazz Beat/September 26, 2009

JAZZ BEAT/September 26, 2009

1. ARTIST: Yellow Jackets
SONG: Capetown
ALBUM: Blue Hat, 1997.

2.ARTIST: Enrico Pieranunzi
SONG: Nuovo Cinema Paradiso
ALBUM: Live in Japan, 2004.

3. ARTIST: Yellow Jackets
SONG:New Rochelle
ALBUM: Blue Hat, 1997.

4.ARTIST: Al Di Meola
SONG: Azucar
ALBUM: Consequence of Chaos, 2006.

5. ARTIST: Dave Boswell
SONG: Bridge of Art
ALBUM: Bridge of Art.

6. ARTIST: Dave Boswell
SONG:Exclamation's A Smile
ALBUM: Bridge of Art.

7. ARTIST: Either Orchestra
SONG: More Beautiful Than Death
ALBUM: More Beautiful Than Death.

8.ARTIST: Brad Mehldau
SONG: Unrequited
ALBUM: Songs; The Art of the Trio #3.
=======================================8 P.M.

9. ARTIST: Jazzed to the Max
SONG: Ballad of the Sad Young Men.
ALBUM: Cream Cheese & Bagels.

10. ARTIST:The Trenchcoats
SONG: The Lion Sleeps Tonight
ALBUM: It Turns Me On.

11. ARTIST: Lorraine Feather
SONG: Home Alone.

12. ARTIST: Dem Brooklyn Bums Band
SONG: Luigi's Famous Pun-Tango
ALBUM: There Goes The Neighborhood.

13. ARTIST: Holly Cole
SONG: On the Street Where You Live.
ALBUM: Blame It On My Youth.

14. ARTIST: Holly Cole
SONG: Smile
ALBUM: Blame It On My Youth.

15. ARTIST: Tierney Sutton
SONG: Autumn Leaves
ALBUM: Blue In Green.

16. ARTIST: Earl Klugh Trio, Volume 2
SONG: His Eyes, Her Eyes
ALBUM:Sounds and Visions.

17. ARTIST: Joyce DiCamillo Trio
SONG: Stolen Moments
ALBUM: Sunrise Lady.

18. ARTIST: John Stetch
SONG: For All We Know
ALBUM: Stetching Out.

19. ARTIST: Miles Davis
ALBUM: Live Around the World.

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