Sunday, September 13, 2009

We Like Kids! - 9-13-09

We Like Kids! today celebrates Grandparents' Day and the Children's Music Network

Grandfather's Clock - Doc Watson
Grandma Slid Down the Mountain - Cathy & Marcy
I'm My Own Grandpa - Chet Atkins
Grandpa's Whiskers - The Wigglers
Grandma's Feather Bed - Brenda Lee
Grandma vs. The Headless Man - Bill Harley
The Colors of Earth - Sarah Pirtle
What Did the Dinosaurs Say? - Sally Rogers
Turn the World Around - Amy Conley
Vitamin Si - Tom Chapin
Good Morning - Craig 'n Company
The Flu - John McCutcheon

Frr more information about quality music for your family, check out the Childrens Music Network,

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