Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ambient Groove -- October 17, 2009

Playlist for Saturday, October 17th

Set 1

Deep Healing, Steven Halpern
Reflections in a Pearl, Aeoliah
Morning Groove, Dan Freeme
Yulunga (Spirit Dance), Dead Can Dance
East of the Full Moon, Deuter

Set 2

Dreamy Smiles, The Dining Rooms
Gravity of Love, Enigma
Unwind, Fletch
Reborn, Fluff
Crossroads, Frank Smith

Set 3

Longing, Come the Night, Gary Sill
City of Peace, Govinda
Cafe Byzantium, Graham Ord, Andrew Smith, & Brian Weibe
Night Lady, Bel Canto
Oriental Moon, Jonas Kjell
Devotion No. 1, Loop Guru

Set 4

Drops of History, Max Zaffiro
Under the Sun Neverends, Monodeluxe
Blue Spanish Sky, Chris Isaak
With This Love, Peter Gabriel

Set 5

Afternoon Rendez-Vous, Seksu Roba
Miracle, Weathertunes
The Urban Theme, Maxwell

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