Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ambient Groove -- October 31, 2009

Playlist for Saturday, October 31st

Set 1

Breakfast on Neptune, Joe Weineck
Breathe in Me, Liquid Mind
Palace of the Windowed Rocks, Darshan Ambient
Illuminated (by Touching), Dreamlogik
Trust, Microglobe

Set 2

Beyond the Clouds, Doug Smith
Love Never Fails, Jim Brickman
1000 Veils, Johannes Linstead

Set 3

Atlantic Under Clouds, XMT
The Snow, Coil
Confessions, Randall Moore
Legend of the Mountain, Missa Johnouchi
Prism, Elijah Bossenbroeck
Solace 1, Matthew Labarge
Masterpeace, Joseph Akins

Set 4

Body & Soul, Shahin & Sepehr
Stolen Moments, Lee Ritenour
And Then I Knew, Dave Koz

Set 4

Spring Morning, Glenn Tarachow
Guinevere's Lament, Eric Tingstad
The Eternal Cycle, The Green Fields
The Cross, Hypnomusic

Set 5

Pilots, Goldfrapp
Subliminal Peaks, Infinityloop
Solitude, Jah Wobble

Set 6

Sacred Moment, Jana Dugal & Mike Rowland
Visiting Spirits, Ron Korb
Parting Clouds, Robert Rich

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