Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Little Bit of Broadway

Mr. Mark Twain The Musical

Mr. Mark Twain: The Musical is a stage musical biography of American author. Mark Twain. The show ran for 10 summers in Elmira, NY and Hartford, CT (1987-1995) and was telecast on a number of public television stations. Although an abridged LP was released in 1988, just recently an expanded cast recording has been release.

It started out really, really big – over 60 people, with a forty foot turntable (it was done in the National Guard Armory.) However, recently it was restaged and cut down to a more manageable community theater size.

Act I
· Prelude
· We're Goin' Fishin'
· A Pilot on the Mississippi
· Welcome to Paris
· The Can-Can
· Roughing It
· The Skating Madrigal
· I Know There's a Place/
The House on the Hill

Act II
· The Camelot Rag
· Russian Dance
· When Out on the River
· Let's Give the Folks a Taste of Royalty
· Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
· Men of Oxford
· Finale: I Know There's a Place; Homeward Bound

Book: Jane Iredale
Music and lyrics: William P. Perry
Mark Twain: William Perley

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