Sunday, October 11, 2009

We Like Kids! - 10-11-09

I Am A Pizza - Peter Alsop
Pizza - Gemini
P-I-Z-Z-A - The Songsisters
Pizza Boogie - Joanne & Adam Olshansky
Everybody Loves Pizza - Andy Mason
Pass a Piece of Pizza - Gary LaPow
Soy Una Pizza - Charlotte Diamond
Pizza - Rosenshontz
Pizza Pizza - Eric Nagler
Pizza Boogie - Bill Harley
The Peanut Man - Jonathan Sprout
Eat Like a Rainbow - Jay Mankita
The Little Red Hen - Mary LaFleur
Ice Cream Cone - Miss Scherling
Granny's Got a Guitar - Lanny Sherwin
Partout ou les enfants chantant - Jack Grunsky
Getting To Know You - James Taylor
Macaroni Night - Eve & Mare
Everybody Is The One - Rhythm Child

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