Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Little Bit of Broadway

It’s a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Afternoon

There’s something about a snowy winter evening that just begs for something warm to drink while you are cuddled under an afghan watching a classic dance movie. And nothing is more classic than the movies Ginger Rogers made with Fred Astaire at RKO. So, get yourself something warm to drink, snuggle down under the comforter and let you imagination soar while listening to Fred and Ginger.

Flying down to Rio (1933)
-- Flying down to Rio (Youmans, Kahn, Eliscu)

The Gay Divorcee (1934)
-- Night and Day (Porter)
-- The Continental (Conrad, Magidson)

Top Hat (1935) (Berlin)
-- Isn’t this a lovely day (to be caught in the rain)
-- Top hat, White Tie and Tails (Astaire)
-- Cheek to Cheek

Roberta (1935) (Kern)
-- I’ll be hard to handle
-- I won’t dance

Follow the Fleet (1936) (Berlin)
-- I’m putting eggs in one basket
-- Let face the music and dance
-- Let yourself go

Swing Time (1936) (Kern, Fields)
-- Pick yourself up
-- The way you look tonight

Shall we Dance (1937) (Gershwin)
-- They all laughed
-- Let’s call the whole thing off
-- They can’t take that away from me

Carefree (1938) (Berlin)
-- Change Partners

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Fred said...

What a lovely idea. You really can't go wrong with the music from those musical films: they had the best talent around. The music has been interpreted and presented in many styles by many performers and is still being performed on venues such as "American Idol" no less. Thanks for helping to introduce more people to this fine selection of American classics.