Thursday, November 5, 2009

thursday the 5th sneaks up on you in crosscurrents land

1. have no fear - lovelifemusic
2. face a face - saga - Am thinking there might be a reason this never gets played. the first minute in preview were far better than the rest of the song.
3. mourya re - don soundtrack (that movie where you root for the drug lord)
4. sana wara sana - nancy ajram
5. pas o panori (near the water) there is a beautiful gypsy girl. gimme water mana, for she is HOT!
6. ma da nikhaj (don't go away) - both by vera bila
7. alvdals polska
8. lehmankello - both by boot
9. hibbaki - the killer stk. more bollywood fun
10. I've got no money but I'm not broke - ranarim (as opposed to flat busted)
11. jane ke jane na - jaan-e-mann stk (let's fall in love again)
12. agaba - natacha atlas its a love song.
13. lament - turkmen from iran
14. mashq-e-javanan - tajik/uzbek
15. wele wele wineou - oumou sangare a song about these fathers who offer their young girls up for marriage before they mature and that they should be able to choose their partners.
16. rasputin - boney m giggle
17. tei - fania
18. pour le monde - crowded house
19. the wind turns - ranarim
20. elli tmanetoh - nawal el zoghbi
21. sitare - oojami
22. el carrettero - guillermo portabales
23. a man has needs - the arrogant worms
24. battle - beats antique

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