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Jazz Beat, December 5, 2009

JAZZ BEAT, DEC 5, 2009.

1. ARTIST: Main Street
SONG: "Pathetique" 8:54
ALBUM: 2nd Album Baby Backribs, 2005.

2. ARTIST: Main Street
SONG: Got Soul! 5:33.
ALBUM: 2nd Album, Babyback Ribs, 2005.

3. ARTIST: The One Night Trio/
Bass: Yun Jun Park
Guitar: Yun Il Yang
Drums: Chaek Kim
SONG: Throughout. 10:21
ALBUM: The One Night Trio.

4. ARTIST: Im Dalkyun
SONG: Two Emperors
ALBUM: Im Dalkyun Quintet. 7:44

5. ARTIST; Stanley Jordan
SONG: Stairway To Heaven. 6:17.
ALBUM: Best of Stanley Jordan.

6. ARTIST: Pat Metheny, Brad Mehldau
SONG: Fear and Trembling.
ALBUM: Metheny Mehldau. 7:00.

7. ARTIST: Ryu Bok-Sung
SONG: Take Five
ALBUM: Live in Seoul.

8. ARTIST: Shuji Hata with Black Candy
SONG: Top of the Mountain. 5:07
ALBUM: The Man with the Guitar.

9. ARTIST: Shuji Hata with Black Candy
SONG: Mr. C. 4:18
ALBUM: The Man with the Guitar.

10. ARTIST: Spotlight
SONG: Night Drive.
ALBUM: Night Drive.

11. ARTIST: Shuji Hata with Black Candy
SONG: Emily.
ALBUM: The Man with the Guitar.

12. ARTIST: Chris Botti
ALBUM: December
SONG: The Christmas Song. 4:32

13. ARTIST: Chris Botti.
ALBUM: December
SONG: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

14. ARTIST: Miles Davis
SONG: Autumn Leaves.
ALBUM: Best of Miles Davis, The Capitol/Blue Note Years

15. ARTIST: Stanley Jordan
SONG: Over the Rainbow
ALBUM: Best of Stanley Jordan

16. ARTIST: Mainstreet+
SONG: Babyback Ribs
ALBUM: Babyback Ribs

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