Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Little Bit of Broadway

King Island Christmas


Our own Christmas story, telling the tale of people determined to have Christmas. Working together, they succeed! First performed in Juneau at Perseverance Theater, it has since been performed all over the country.

We'll Tell You a Story
There is an Island
Preparing for Christmas
The Signs of Nature
On King Island, 2
Come, Come, Everyone Come
The Gift of Trouble
Calling the North Star
On King Island, 3
The Song of the Oomiak
On King Island, 4
Over the Mountain
On the Mountain top
On King Island, 5
There's a North Star
It's Love
On King Island, 6
Up the Rocky Shore We Go
We Come Together/Going to Church
The Miracle of Light
Agoodik, Muktuk, Salmon & Seal
Whistle to the Northern Lights
And That is Our Story

Music By David Friedman

Lyrics By Deborah B. Brevoort

Based on: Children's book written by Jean Rogers with illustrations by Rie Munoz

Performers: Chuck Cooper ; Paolo Montalban ; Marin Mazzie ; Frank D'Ambrosio ; J.K. Simmons; Jonathan Bleicher ; Bonnie Gleicher ; featuring: Nancy Anderson, Eleanor Glockner, Ray Evans Harrell ; chorus ; children's chorus ; orchestra ; David Friedman, conductor.

A little more Christmas music from stage and screen...
We need a little Christmas - from Mame - Indiana University Singing Hoosiers
Have yourself a merry little Christmas – from Meet me in St. Louis - Maureen McGovern
Count your blessings – from White Christmas – Diana Krall
What are you doing New Year’s Eve – don’t know from what show but it’s written by Frank Loesser so it has it count as a show tune! – Harry Connick, Jr.

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