Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ambient Groove -- January 16, 2010

Playlist for Saturday, January 16th

Set 1

Pastel 0707, Larry Kucharz
Sea of Clouds, John Serrie & Gary Stroutsos
Inner Peace, Mosa Mimi Baczewska
The Promise, Michael Stribling
Wavepool, Robert Rand

Set 2

Regeneration, Das Bros Trio
Girl from Sunset Park, Shawn Brock
Desert Drive, Sergio Cervetti
Visions of Kharma, Keltik Kharma

Set 3

Drift, Fields of Forel
A River Begins, Kourosh Dini
The Fire Within, George Skaroulis

Set 4

Dream 5, Stephen Peppos
Heart Asks Pleasure First (comp. Michael Nyman), The Ahn Trio
Passion Song, Ray Lynch
Doors of Life, Isaac Shepard

Set 5

Galatea, Michele de Wilton
Escape of the Circus Ponies, Liz Story
Finding Forever, Michael Brant DeMaria
A Distant Memory, John Steiner
Home, Dyan Garris w/ Amber Norgaard

Set 6

Crumbling Divinity, Joe LoCascio
Mountain Mist, Johannes Linstead
Cerebral, Michele Ippolito
The Last Tear, Jean Hilbert

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