Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ambient Groove -- January 23, 2010

Playlist for Saturday, January 23rd

Set 1

Hypnotic, Govinda
Freedom to Love, Khamsin Orchestra
The Healer Whale, Cece Giannotti
Across an Ocean, Magic Sound
Calling Wisdom, Ethnic Light

Set 2

More Than Words, Axiom
Reflection, Terra
Call of the Mystic, Argatha
Stillness, Natural Spirit
The Winding Path, Soul Trace

Set 3

Touching Silk, Salama
Fujiyama, Yoshima Okuda
Zen, Butterfly

Set 4

Forest Rain, Infiwity
The Only Way, Tribal Sense
Eden, Les Delices de Majorelle
Falling Leaves, Christian Loeser
La pange, 7M
Serenity, Alex Malheiros & Banda Utopia
Flow, Sade

Set 5

The Girl with Glasses, Brad Hoyt
Afternoon at Satie's, Jesse Cook
Secret Voices, Jean-Francois Maljean
Oceans Apart, Jim Brickman
Someday, Puspe Dewi
Adagio Quartet, Deep Sound
City Light, Seven Smiles
Coral Line, Lounge Orchestra


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