Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ambient Groove -- January 9, 2010

Playlist for Saturday, January 9th

Set 1

An Ending, Brian Eno
Winter Music, Roger Eno
Piano Interlude, Puspa Dewi
Mepalyanan, Puspa Dewi
Bird and Flower, Puspa Dewi

Set 2

Ragnarok, Achillea
Land of the Elves, Achillea
Caritas, Lesiem
Leroy Kyrie, Choir of St. Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh

Set 3

You Want to Love, Basilia
Bordeuax, Chill Luly
Move Me Up, Malinverno
Don't Know, DJ Commy

Set 4

Galactic Soul, Dr. Drummer
A Gentle Dissolve, Thievery Corporation
Cocktail Fusion, Peter Flower
City Love, Sunset Session Group
Be Together, Studio 15
Blue Planet, DJ Charlie

Set 5

Callas Went Away, Enigma
Celtic Trance, Dagda
Lament for a Hero, Dagda
Where Pathways Meet, Medwyn Goodall
Oiche Chuin, Enya
Worlds of Solemn Light, Enam
Rain Dance, 2002

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