Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Little Bit of Broadway

White Horse Inn

Im weißen Rößl (English title: White Horse Inn) is an operetta or musical comedy set in Upper Austria. It is about the head waiter of the White Horse Inn in St. Wolfgang who is desperately in love with the owner of the inn, a resolute young woman who at first only has eyes for one of her regular guests. Lots of guests fall in and out of love with ach other, until in the end, Emperor Franz Joseph himself has to sort it all out!

Here are selections from various productions, including music recorded in Paris and London in 1931, selections from the RCA Radio Magic broadcast on October 25, 1936, and Alfred Drake singing for the BBC in 1959.

Music: Ralph Benatzky
Original German lyrics: Robert Gilbert
Original libretto: Hans Muller
English lyrics: Harry Graham and Irving Caesar and Robert Gilbert

White Horse Inn (Fox Trot Medley) --- Jack Hylton And His Orchestra
White Horse Inn (Waltz Medley) ) --- Jack Hylton And His Orchestra
Introduction / Yodel Specialty --- Ben Graver
White Horse Inn --- Kitty Carlisle
I Cannot Live Without Your Love --- Kitty Carlisle
High Up On The Hills --- William House
Scene Between Katarina & The Emperor --- Kitty Carlisle
We Prize Most The Things We Miss --- Kitty Carlisle
It Would Be Wonderful --- Alfred Drake
Your Eyes --- Jack Hylton And His Orchestra
Vocal Gems From The White Horse Inn --- Light Opera Company
Good-Bye --- Rolando and His Blue Salon Orchestra
My Song Of Love --- Rolando and His Blue Salon Orchestra
Im Weissen Rössl Am Wolfgangsee --- Max Hansen
Was Kann Der Sigismund Dafür --- Siegfried Arno
Es Muss Was Wunderbares Sein --- Max Hansen
Und Als Der Herrgott Mai Gemacht --- Siegfried Arno
Est Ist Doch Nicht Das Letzte Mal, Dass Wir Uns Seh'n --- Walter Jurmann
White Horse Inn Medley (Part One) --- Ilja Livschakoff Dance Orchestra
White Horse Inn Medley (Part Two) --- Ilja Livschakoff Dance Orchestra

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