Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tues CC with Katie B 1-12-10

Vampire Weekend
White Sky

Lowell Brahms
Alpha to Theta
Music for Insomniacs

Laura Veirs
Silo Song
Judy Flame

Andrew Bird
Fitz and Dizzy Spells
Noble Beast

Leonard Cohen
Lady Midnight
Live from the Isle of Wight 1970
Rel. 2009

Joni Mitchell and L.A. Express
For Free
Miles of Aisles

Grizzly Bear
All We Ask

Vampire Weekend

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Mr. Gnome
Plastic Shadow
Heave Yer Skeleton

Wartime Blues
Doves and Drums

Little Lovin'
Why you Runnin'

Band of Horses
Is There a Ghost?
Cease to Begin

Steve Winwood
Paper Sun, Dear Mr. Fantasy
20th Century Masters
The Millenium Collection
Rel. 1999

When the Stars go Blue
The Corrs fet. Bono
Dreams the Ultimate Corrs Collection
Rel. 2007

Laura Veirs
Life is Good Blues
Judy Flame

James Maddock
Sunrise on Avenue C

My Morning Jacket

Fleet Foxes

Vampire Weekend

Tony Tengs
How Excellent and Civilized are We
The Preserves

Passion Pit
Chunk of Change

Ray Troll’s Top 5 ( and then some) CDs of 20091. Elvis Costello: Secret, Profane and SugarcaneThis CD is proof that lightening can strike twice. Way back in 1986 new wave/punk star Elvis Costello turned heads in the musical world when he teamed up with producer T Bone Burnett to make ‘King of America’, a bluegrass drenched, folksy romp through dirt floor Americana music. The two teamed up again to produce this extraordinary batch of songs. It’s even more bluegrassy this time out, and features the expected lyrical virtuosity that Costello is known for.http://www.elviscostello.com/#video

2. Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs : It’s BlitzNicke Zinner puts his guitar to the side and ramps up the keyboards on this Eurythmics-like outing from Americas number one art rock band. Karen O unleashes her trademark vocals over synth laden riffs that are meant to pack the dance floor on cuts like “heads Will Roll”. The CD has some deeper moments in it too. Check out the wild sonic journey of ‘Runaways’ with its string sections adding Dr. Zhivago-esqe cinematic overtones or “Little Shadows’ that ends the CD on a softer note.http://www.yeahyeahyeahs.com/

3. Dan Auerbach: Keep It HidDan’ the guitar playing half of the Balck Keys duo. This CD marks his debut as a solo artist and its terrific. Great songs throughout with some serious fuzz blues driven guitar playing featured throughout. There are some truly beautiful ballads on the disk that will stick with you. Not a bad cut on it. Trust me.

4. Andrew Bird: Noble BeastMaybe not as strong overall as a few of his previous outings overall but nevertheless Andrew is truly a musical genius of our times. Chamber folk is one way his music has been described. He plays violin, guitar, sings and whistles and has a way with lyrics that will make your head spin. Check out the brainy wordplay on “Anoanimal’:Underneath the stalactitesThe troglodytes lost their sightThe seemingly innocuous plecostomusThough posthumousThey talk to usThey talk too muchSee a sea anemoneThe enemySee a sea anemoneThat'll be the end of meIf you get a chance check out his performance on Austin City Limits. A must see.http://www.andrewbird.net/

5. Fever Ray: Fever RaySpooky, dark electronica from Swedish singer songwriter Karin Dreijer Andersson. Lush keyboards bathed in reverb laden soundscapes set off by quirky offbeat lyrics. One of my favorite lines from “When I Grow Up” :I'm very good with plants _When my friends are away _They let me keep the soil moist _On the seventh day I rest _For a minute or two _Then back on my feet to call for you‘Triangle Walks’ is the real standout cut for me on this disk. The groove is irresistible as the song builds and builds.http://feverray.com/

6. Laura Veirs: July FlameThe Portland based singer songwriter is back with yet another gorgeously layered CD. Carefully constructed lyrics interwoven with strings and folksy guitar riffs reveal Laura’s science nerd background. Trained as a Mandarin Chinese speaking geologist she’s definitely one for the brainiac crowd. One very cool cut is the big shout out song ‘Carol Kaye’ about the little known female bass player from Everett Washington that played on over 10,000 rock songs in the 60s and 70s. Google her up and check out her credentials! this song is a very fitting tribute.http://lauraveirs.com/wp/

7. The Preserves: How Excellent and Civilized Are WeIt was an eerie experience when I first met Tony Tengs the bartender onboard the Alaska ferry Malaspina back in December, for he seemed to be my long lost musical, entrepreneurial twin from Juneau. I recognized Tony from the folkfest in Juneau but had no idea he was a singer songwriter like myself. Tony served me up a few drinks as I headed home to Ketchikan and we began shooting the breeze. Before long he revealed that he had released his first CD of original songs earlier that year. He gave me a copy and I took it back to my stateroom and was blown away. Co-produced with bass player Albert McDonald and featuring many a Juneau based musician this is one fine musical trip. An anti war theme runs through many of the tunes… but for me the stand out cuts are Skunk Cabbage Alley and Tony’s musical beautiful tribute to pubes ( yes that what I said) “Curly Hair”. On the liner notes he calls it the “great song of unity for all mankind” A truly wonderful way to end to one very cool CD.http://thepreserves.net/And of course I’ve got to mention my latest effort in the musical arena: Cruisin’ the Fossil Freeway. It’s a soundtrack to the book and exhibit of the same name, co-written with my old ratfish brother Russ Wodehouse along with a whole bevy of cool Northwest and Alaskan musicians. Check it out athttp://www.myspace.com/ratfishbrothers

Top 5 2008:Fleet FoxesMy Morning Jacket ‘Evil Urges’Calexico ‘Carried to Dust’Kings of Leon ‘Only By Light’Yeasayer ‘All Our Symbols’2007:Feist: ‘The Reminder’Radiohead ‘In Rainbows’Rilo Kiley ‘Under the Blacklight’Andrew Bird, ‘Armchair Apocrypha’Arcade Fire ‘Neon Bible’2006 picks:1. The Decemberist’s, The Crane Wife2. Lenine3. Lindsey Buckingham, Under the Skin4. Regina Spektor, Begin to Hope5. Bert jansch, The Black SwanMy Top 5 from 20051. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah2. Iron and Wine: Woman King3. Matisyahu: Live at Stubb’s4. Andrew Bird: The Mysterious Production of Eggs5. My Morning Jacket: Z6. Laura Veirs: Year of Meteors7. Gorillaz: Demon days8. Amadou and Mariam

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