Sunday, January 24, 2010

We Like Kids 1/24/10

Hosts - Jack and Tulio Fontanella

Jump up and Turn Around, Roger Day's Rock and Roll Rodeo
Ready to Roll, Doo Dads
Down in the Back Pack, Bill Harley, Down in the Packpack
Hop to the Rock, The Doo Dads
The Doo Dads, The Doo Dads

Cowboy Logic, Charlie Daniels, By the Light of the Moon
Everyone Come and Join the Band, Catfish Hodge, Adventures at Catfish Pond
I Like to Sing, Bill Harley, Yes to Running

Alicia and the Little Monster, Bill Harley, One More Time

Your in Trouble, Bill Harley, Yes to Running
Echo, Bill Harley, Yes to Running

Goin' to the Zoo, Tom Paxton, Goin' to the Zoo
Mail Myself to You, John McCotcheon, Mail Myself to You

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