Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ambient Groove -- February 27, 2010

Playlist for Saturday, February 27th

Set 1

Morning Groove, Dan Freeme
Night Lady, Bel Canto
Deep Healing, Steve Halpern
Reflections in a Pearl, Aeoliah

Set 2

Yulunga, Dead Can Dance
Crossroads, Frank Smith
Longing, Coming the Night, Gary Sill
Today, Halou
Sister Green Eyes, Hypnomusic

Set 3

Heat Miser, Massive Attack
Path to Shambala, Indigo Seven

Set 4

Water Stones, Max Zaffiro
Endless Fields, Ray
Ambrose Lane, Graham Ord
Europe, Jesse Cook

Set 5

Stillness & Return, Jim Goodin
The Impulse of Flow, Kit Watkins
Teach Me to Whisper, Liquid Mind

Set 6

From Pale Hands to Weary Skies, Darshan Ambient
The Lotus in the Mountains, Buedi Siebert
It Is Well With My Soul, Judson Hurd
The Winds from the Mountain, Gevorg Dabaghyan

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