Saturday, February 27, 2010



1. ARTISTS: Lambert, Hendricks & Ross.
SONG: "Everyday."
ALBUM: "Sing A Song of Basie."

2. ARTIST: Labert, Hendricks & Ross.
SONG:"Fiesta in Blues."
ALBUM: "Sing A Song of Basie."

3. ARTIST: Cleo Lane
SONG: “It Don’t Mean A Thing.”
ALBUM: “Jazz.”

4. ARTIST: Jess Meider
SONG: “Spring Can Really Mess You Up the Most.”
ALBUM: “Dao.”

5. ARTIST: Jess Meider
SONG: “Kiss.”
ALBUM: “Dao.”

6. ARTIST: Tony Grey
SONG: “Chasing Shadows.”
ALBUM: “Abstract Logix; the Center of the New Musical Universe.”

7. ARTISTS: Phil Morrison & Keith Williams
SONG: “Kaela.”
ALBUM: “China Skies.”

8. ARTIST: Sebastiaan Cornelissen.
SONG: “Snox!”
ALBUM: “Abstract Logix; the Center of the New Musical Universe.”

9. ARTIST: Pat Metheny
SONG: “New Chautauqua.”
ALBUM: “New Chautauqua.”

10 . ARTIST: Sungjau Son
SONG: “The Shadow of Your Smile.”
ALBUM: “I’ll Be Seeing You.”

==================================8 p.m.
11. ARTIST: Ahn Trio
SONG: “Riders on the Storm.”
ALBUM: “Groovebox.”

12. ARTIST: Ahn Trio
SONG: “My Funny Valentine.”
ALBUM: “Lullaby for My Favorite Insomniac.”

13. ARTIST: Mark Ladley Trio
SONG: “Night Coming Tenderly.”
ALBUM: “Strictly Business.”

14. ARTIST: Al DiMeola
SONG: “Hypnose.”
ALBUM: “Consequence of Chaos.”

15. ARTIST: Curtis Mayfield
SONG: “Think.”
ALBUM: “Superfly.”

16. ARTIST: Alvin Batiste
SONG: “Late.”
ALBUM: “Late.”

17. ARTIST: Clarence Clemons
SONG: “Serenity.”
ALBUM: “Peacemaker.”

18. ARTIST: Django Reinhardt
SONG: “Echoes of France (La Marseillaise).”
ALBUM: “Inversions, Jazz Guitar Stylists.”

19. ARTIST: Ahmad Jamal
SONG: “Poetry.”
ALBUM: “A Quiet Time.”

20. ARTIST: Joe Lovano
SONG: “Emperor Jones.”
ALBUM: “Landmark.”

21. ARTIST: Alvin Batiste
SONG: “Body & Soul.”
ALBUM: “Late.”

1 comment:

jess meider said...

wow thank you for playing my sounds in such a beautiful part of the world.
if you want more where that came from

aurally grateful! :)